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About Caitlin Abbott

Architecture student at Victoria

University of Wellington 


Hi, my name is Caitlin Abbott and I am originally from Tauranga. I am currently in my second year of university, studying a Bachelor of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, and am thoroughly enjoying the course. I am very focused on my studies and aim to achieve highly this year and years to come.


I completed my first year of university with high distinction, and was placed on the dean’s list for my academic grade average. This can be attributed to my ability to prioritise my education. I intend to gain a masters degree in Architecture, which is a five year course, and requires total dedication. 

I am highly interested in the environment and sustainability and passionate about their role in design and construction. A key interest of mine is climate change and what we can do to make a difference. I challenge myself to make changes in my lifestyle to be personally responsible for my environmental footprint on the world.  

I consider myself to be a driven, independent, trustworthy, friendly person, who enjoys a healthy balance of socialising and hard work. 



Phone: 021 297 2964


- Transport and Urban Planning Intern at Bay of Plenty Regional Council

- Restaurant waitress, bartender and sales assistant - The Cider Factorie 

- Food server and sales assistant - OY Premium Oysters

- Administrative assistant - Boffa Miskell Limited



- Lorraine Cheyne, Employer at Bay of Plenty         Regional Council

- Kim White, College Dean and Mentor 

 - Endorsed Level 2 and 3 with Excellence at Otumoetai College 

 - Completed my first year of my bachelor with distinction 

 - Named on the 2021 Deans List of Victoria University

 - Near completion of my second year of my bachelor

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